Formal Fashions : A Basic Round Up For Men

Formal Fashions

Formal is just like being professional in fashion. In a formal look, you reveal your taste of fashion and the way you carry it. Many guys don’t even bother to consider what they are wearing before going to the office or stepping out for a night party. But many guys take it so seriously that they make big blunders in their fashion. So like casual fashion, formal fashions is also not complicated so don’t make it complex that it drags you to the well of foolish blunders. The most important thing to look amazing, eye catchy and incredibly stylish is the fashion in relaxation.

Just go easy when you are up to choose a dress for your office, business meeting, date sitting or a night formal party. All you need is a perfect guide for the up to date thing in latest seasonal trends. So here I have compiled some very important and eye catchy formal fashions trends for you. Look it, pick it and rock it….!

The Suits:

Suits are the most important item in your closet that are your companion every day in your office sitting, business meeting and every place where you want to reflect a professional and formal image of your style.So let’s talk about each component of suit separately.

Formal Fashions - Suit
Formal Fashions – Suit

Your coat…is the charm of your suit. It shows that you are just up to go to some formal place. So your coat must be on your fitting. Like your coat shoulder must be hugging you and your sleeves must end few inches before your shirt cuffs end. It’s fitting must be like a way that makes you look slim and handsome. That must not be loose and baggy. That’s the reason why fashionistas say that “never ever borrow a coat”. Because everyone has his own fitting. Your coat must end till your bottom.

Your trouser… shows how fit and slim your legs are. So be tricky and know what’s in trend. Nowadays according to last New York City fashion week slim pants with high hem are in latest trend. Your pants must not be too tight and too loose to make you look foolish in your fashion. So to maintain your style statement make sure it’s right fitting and length before dropping the check to buy.

Lapels: Give the touch of elegance. So there are two types of lapel styles that are in trend. Notch lapels that are very stylish and decent to carry but on the other side peak lapels really worth elegance. So the best to go with elegance with peak lapel style. I recommend peak lapels for very formal and professional sitting and notch lapels for office wear.

Shirts: must be the best choice. Your shirts must be button down when you are up to go to professional sitting but you can replace it with nice crew neck t-shirt when you are not going to professional sitting but still its formal. Your shirt color must always be contemporary to your suit color to make the best contrast and eye catchy combinations. An important part of your formal fashions.

Colors: expresses your style taste. So be tricky while choosing colors. Color changes with the weather, season, place, event and time. For dark cold weather, nights and places you have to go for solid colors. Like navy blue, royal blue, grey, shining grey, black, maroon, dark brown, magenta and so on…. But when it’s sunny day, lighted place or any place like this you have to go for light colors like light grey, off white, light pink, peach and so on…


Tuxedos are most elegant and amazing piece that every man should have in his closet. You can wear it when you want to add extra stars to your elegance. But there are also some rules to wearing tuxedos like your fit must be in the shape of a razor, it should be on your own fitting, not too tight or loose. Mostly the black and grey tuxedos look exact with almost all the colors of shirts down. The last but not the least don’t try to pair it with long tie. Just pair it with a bow tie to look dandy.

Long coats:

As the cold season is just up to knock the doors of winters you will need something more warm and protective plus stylish. So long coats are going to be the winter trend. Let me clear one thing…. Long coat means the long jackets above the formal suit. So as formal suit includes too many items to wear over your trunk so your long jacket or coat that you wear above all must have enough room to give place for all that stuff.If your coat is tight it would make you look fat. So it must not be loose either tight like the formulae I have mentioned in almost all the items above.

Formal Fashions - Long Coat
Formal Fashions – Long Coat


Give the last touch… a Man’s shoes reflect his whole personality. So be conscious while selecting a pair of shoes. Here are some in-trend shoes that you must have in your closet this coming season. Brown Oxford shoes, cap toe shoes in black color, loafers, and brogues are best to wear in formal wear this season.

Formal Fashions - Shoes
Formal Fashions – Shoes


Watches shoes the royalty you belong to. So collect less but collect expensive. Don’t spend too many dollars in collecting worthless many watches. But spend your dollars on one expensive formal watch that have the capability to catch the eyes to your cuffs. Secondly you scarves… when you think the sitting is not that formal and you want to give it a touch of more style than wrap a scarf around your neck. Wear goggles when you are stepping out on a sunny day that shows your keen interest in making your perfect style statement.

Formal Fashions - Accessories
Formal Fashions – Accessories

Remember – “Fashion is the game… whether its formal casual or semi-formal, it depends on the player that how much smart gamer he is…..”