How to Get Thicker and Longer Hair Naturally : Detailed Guide!

how to get thicker hair

People around us are getting so wicked that by just watching the hair quality of a person, they can know how much overburdened he is. According to them, bad quality of hair is directly related to tension, pressure and busy schedule of a person.  Well before this article, we also thought the same. It takes a lot to maintain our hair. No one from us wants to lose their hair. But when we see a handful of hair fallen from our mane, we can’t do anything except remorse. Before you get any more emotional strain from your current situation, here we are bearing a plenty of natural ways that will help you get thicker and longer hair.

  • Olive Oil- High in omega three fatty acids, your hair needs olive oil to make them thicker. Olive oil mixed with honey makes our locks strong and shiny. Massaging this oil on your scalp for at most 30 minutes will give you desired results.
  • Avocado- Rich in Vitamin A, avocado can serve as the best hair nourishment tool. Mixing avocado with banana would give best results. Avocado mask, on the other hand, is made using mashed avocado and olive oil. It will give better results than using any chemical brimming conditioner on your hair.
How to grow thicker and longer hair
  • Egg- When your hair lacks protein, it can be easily seen even from a distance. To give proper protein to your hair, there can be no better remedy than eggs. A beaten egg applied on hair for 30-45 minutes will give the necessary protein to your hair. An egg mask containing egg and olive oil can be used once or twice a week to increase the volume of your hair and make them strong.
how to get a thicker hair
  • Coconut Oil- One of the most used and renowned hair remedies is coconut oil. Massaging with hot coconut oil give desired proteins to your hair by making the hair follicles absorb more nutrients.

How to get a thicker hair

  • Amla- Also called as Indian Gooseberry, Amla has exfoliating properties. Mixing amla with coconut oil and heating the mixture before applying to your scalp can serve out to be the best home remedy for your hair. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of amla play an important role in strengthening your hair and in maintaining them healthy.
How to get a thicker hair
  • Fenugreek seeds- Best source of thickening your hair, fenugreek seeds contains a bulk of proteins which prevents hair loss. Rich in vitamins and iron content, fenugreek paste can be made by soaking the seeds in water and grinding them afterwards. The paste mixed with coconut oil can give you some surprising results.
How to get a thicker hair
Fenugreek Seeds.
  • Flax Seeds- These seeds contain fatty acids that not only have medicinal properties, but they also strengthen our hair and make them thicker. Flax seed water can be applied to hair by soaking the seeds in water for about 4-5 days. The water can be then applied to the scalp and can be washed with warm water.
How to get a thicker hair
Flax Seeds.

These all home remedies won’t work if you don’t find a right way to deal with your hair. Some important tips and tricks will tell you the right direction to keep your locks well maintained.

  • Don’t shampoo daily- Washing your hair daily makes them easily breakable. Don’t make your hair prone to chemicals and hair-stuff that can ruin your hair quality and texture. Use shampoo only after 3-4 days.

How to get a thicker hair

  • Be careful about your hair care product- Don’t go with the daily commercials and advertisements which flaunt about their products. Believe it or not, but half of those are a dud. Try to ask and research about the product before using it on yourself.
  • Keep comb at a distance- The more you’ll comb your hair, the more you’ll lose them. Don’t always use a comb to maintain that perfect look. Use your hands to untangle them.
  • Keep your hair natural- Rather than using hot equipment like iron and dryers on your hair, try to keep your hair natural. These hot tools make your hair more prone to breakage and add a dry and dusky look on your face. Trust me; nothing is better than a natural look.
  • Hot oil massage- Whether it may be coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil, you should always go for a hot oil massage. It properly moisturizes the hair and increase blood supply to hair follicles which in turn will nourish them appropriately.

 Gone were the days when everybody turned around to see the boy with perfect hair while you sat in the corner feeling jealous. Want to change yourself? Start with getting flawless locks. It’s upon you whether you want to see more hair on your head or your comb. Start growing now.