How To Win A Girl’s Heart : Best Tips For You

How to win a girls heart

This is a most common question which might have hovered in your mind at some point in time. Though Girls are as mysterious as the Black Hole Theory, here are some Do’s and Dont’s which will help you to learn how to win a girl’s heart.

How to win a girl’s Heart – Some Do’s

#1. The sense of Humour is one of the most attractive traits a man can have. Never underestimate the need for laughter in a relationship, be it your first date or   25th wedding anniversary. NO! NO! I m not saying being a slapstick, this thing only looks cool in a movie in real life she will get irritated with all this stuff, so here is a tip, why not try a role play, where you both play a certain role, trust me this will work definitely.

How to win a girls heart
Sense of Humor – How to win a girls heart.

#2. Be yourself!. Girls love a man who is genuine and doesn’t constantly try to impress her. You have a better chance if you are real and open about who you are. See, if you consciously decide that every aspect about you is great, and wear that attitude on your sleeve, people will like you definitely.Remember swag will not work always because she knows swag is not going to pay the bills.

#3. A deep, commanding voice, is big YES! YES! your voice speaks about your confidence and who doesn’t like a confident person. Even Joey Tribbiani (Friends) know this trick, remember his seductive pickup line. (“How you doin?”)

#4. Girls love a good listener. Don’t get distracted and break eye contact, listen to her, ask a question and then speak about yourself, because Why would anyone be interested in someone who didn’t listen to them?

How to win a girls heart
Listen to her, don’t ignore – How to win a girls heart

#5. A man with a “Goal And Dreams”, is what girls find most attractive in men, she likes that he is happy on his own, he has a life, has hobbies, he doesn’t waste his time behind chasing girls.

How To Win A Girl’s Heart: Some Don’ts

#1. Stop bragging. Girls hate men who only talks about himself, the one who is egocentric from top to bottom. Guys, this is the thing which makes your first impression on a girl. Be polite and be a gentleman. Girls love this! This should be your first lesson on how to win a gril’s heart.

#2. Stop looking around the room for other girls, this will make her uncomfortable, she wants your attention and girls hates divided attention.

How to win a girls heart
She needs your attention – How to win a girls heart

#3. Talking about “EX”, going to be a conversational killer, it’s good to know her little more,  but give her some time she will tell you everything. Be Patient!.

#4. Stop being Stalker, this stalker thing seems good only in the movie, in real life she will freak out with this and you will lose all the chances to be with her, another important lesson in how to win a girl’s heart.

#5. Women find a man with good physical health and beards more attractive. But don’t be an over manly man.

How to win a girls heart.
Beards and Good Physique – How to win a girls heart.

#6. Stop being “MALE CHAUVINISTIC”, Respect her passion toward life, and then you don’t need to wander different sites to learn how to win a girl’s heart.

Don’t just read this article, these traits are not magic, nothing won’t happen overnight, incorporate them into your thinking and behavior and soon you will see the result and understand the secret of how to win a girl’s heart.

All the best!