6 Proven Signs She Wants You To Chase Her

Signs she wants you to chase her cover

We all are living in a world where “She Smiles, She’s Snared” is really a thing. But is it just her normal laugh, or is she trying to impress me? Is she feeling the same like I feel for her? Holy crap, does she even know that I exist?  And the series of these questions goes on in your mind once you meet the girl of your dreams. No problem mate, these all questions are a sign that you have officially entered the clumsy world of women. But don’t bother, we are here to lend you a hand and drag you out from this situation. Signs she wants you to chase her.

Yes, the myths are true. Girls are difficult to understand. And by difficult I mean skydiving kind of difficult. It is so hard to jump, but once you make the move, you feel the happiest person alive. The same situation is with girls.  Well obviously, they won’t ever make the first move. But if she likes you, then she would want you to chase her. And is she wants so, then she will give you trillions of signs she wants you to chase her. Discussing a handful signs out from the pool, here is the list you don’t want to miss.

Signs she wants you to chase her:

1. The Eye Contact

Most of the men believe in the first love thing. But what is it that makes them love a person they haven’t met yet? Yup, it is eye contact. If your girl is having a long termed eye contact with you, then congratulations you have “caught someone’s eye” and maybe entered in the doors of her heart. Some legend once said Eyes deliver the thing that you can never say from your mouth. True words. A woman who is gazing at a man surely wants his attention. And that could be the very first step of your perfect little love life and sign she likes you.

signs she wants you to chase her 2
Signs she wants you to chase her : Eye Contact.

2. The Everlasting Smile

As the word goes- “Smile is the best ornament of a woman”. Girls use their smiles to get noticed by their guy. If you catch her smiling at you more often, then it a turn on point that she want to talk to you. Believe me, she is never going to initiate the talking session herself. If she does, then you are super lucky. But ignoring the “luck factor”, it has to be you who need to have enough nerve to start the conversation. Maybe today, tomorrow or two years later, it has to be you always.

Signs she wants you to chase her
Signs she wants you to chase her: Everlasting Smile.

3. The Body Language

As per the topic says, chasing her would mean to get a clear vision of her. If a girl is interested in you, she will automatically ensure the fact that she grabs a place where you can see her clearly. She wants to get all of your attention and does not wants your eyes laid on other girls even for a second.

A girl will never admit that she likes you, but her body languages will always approve the fact. She will act so kindly to others when she knows that you are watching her. She will keep her eyes slamming, her voice extra soft, her smile widened and herself, extra close to you.

Signs she wants you to chase her cover
Signs she wants you to chase her!

4. The mysteriously mystic behavior

At times, girls have this amazing talent of showing that she is annoyed with you. You won’t even realize your fault, neither your girl would have.But just to get your attention and to see that if you really care, she’ll turn on her mysterious behavior.  All she wants is for you is to stop noticing the worldly things for a while and to notice her, and only her. If your girl truly wants you to chase her, then be ready to make some unknowingly fishy mistakes.

5. The Perfect Guise for You

Whenever she knows that you are coming to the same place that she is going to, then she’ll waste the whole of her day thinking about the way she will look. She would make extra efforts on picking up the perfect dress, the cool shoes and every damn thing that she knows that will make your eyes cling to her. Believe it or not, if a girl is into you, she loves your eyes to be felt on her.

6.No for the words, yes from the attitude

The most astonishing yet direful behavior of girls is that they are never clear from their intentions. They can be flirty at this second, foe to the next, and friends at the third. But when you try to be flirty with them at once and act as an advisor for the second, then they won’t talk to you. This thing points that women need men to be quick in their decisions. Women won’t ever tell men how they feel, but they cannot stop letting their feelings out for a long while. Thus, they start showing up their flirty self.  Well, if your girl’s behavior resembles with this point then all you need is to let everything going in your heart out to her as soon as possible.

Signs she wants you to chase her
Signs she wants you to chase her

When we bring up the word chase, we mean keeping up the attraction. If you find all these above-listed points in your girl, then don’t start chasing her, as in following her everywhere. Remember, girls, like to be chased but not followed.  This would be the off switch of your new love life. Rather than following her, bring out the men in you. Confront the situation and be the one to make the first move. If she is really interested in you, she will definitely say a yes. And a yes is all you need to make your gloomy life a little bit brighter.